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Tony started his first business at the age of 18 and has been a serial entrepreneur since then. When he started an investment education firm in 2016, he wanted to develop an app to engage his students better but had no coding knowledge and a limited budget. In 2017, he discovered Bubble and used this newfound knowledge to develop an investment education app that was featured on the news.

Tony then co-founded Scaleup Technologies, a B2B coaching startup that empowers other companies to embrace technology in their business. He also coaches businesses like TripFreeGo, a smart travel matching website that enables users to book from a list of up to 700,000 hotels, and enabled it to obtain 7,000 users in less than 6 months.

Tony is currently working hard on his vision to build a vibrant Bubble community in Asia by conducting online courses and Bubble Bootcamps.


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